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Located in the province of Quebec, TM Technologies Elections is unique in Canada. Initially founded in 2001 by the inventor of the VOTEX system, Mr. Claude Doyon, TM Technologies Inc, made the decision over the last few years to devote itself entirely to the sector of elections in Canada. The company is dedicated to the design, production and commercialization of an innovative Electronic Voting System named Votex. The Votex system is perfectly suited to the needs of the Canadian Federal, Provincial, and Municipal election markets. The mission of the company is to ensure - by the quality of its services and technologies - that the democratic right to vote be an easier and more efficient process.

These innovative solutions are designed, manufactured and commercialized under the VOTEX™ brand name.

Our solution:

  1. Eliminates the need for paper ballots while ensuring an election with an audit paper trail and results integrity.
  2. Allows the largest portion of the population the ability to exercise their democratic right to vote. (All eligible voters can vote without assistance including the elderly, the physically challenged, the blind and allophone individuals)
  3. Voting process is simplified and allows most people to vote within 30 seconds.
  4. Greatly reduces the number of employees required to run the election.
  5. The only system of its kind that has the picture of the candidates thus further facilitating the voting process.
  6. No medium to long term investments required.
  7. No long-term commitment to using a particular system.
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